Chunky Pig

Break the seal and surrender to The Pig


"Popcorn gets an upgrade with Chunky Pig Candied Bacon Caramel Corn. Available with or without peanuts. Each bite finishes with a spicy kick, thanks to cayenne pepper. For an added gift, pair it with a bottle of dad’s favorite imperial stout."

"Bacon is sometimes featured in food and dishes where it does not belong. But this caramel corn welcomes it."

"This addictive snack strikes the perfect balance between sweet and savory."

“Chunky Pig’s Candied Bacon Caramel Corn has a hypnotizing quality. The first bite tastes like a savory breakfast rich with pork. The second, like sweet breakfast. On the third, the eyes glaze over, transfixed by a stupor-inducing mix of pork fat and maple sugar. One might need to be dragged away from the bag.”

“After her first semester at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Gina Conedera discovered that going to school in Vegas from her native Portland, Oregon, was not for her. She left school, moved back in with her parents in Portland and began baking to keep herself busy. She enjoyed it so much that she decided she wanted to try culinary school. Ten years later, she’s gone from being a pastry chef to owning her own food consulting business, Pavé Consulting, and starting her own specialty food business, Chunky Pig.”

First, Gina Conedera makes her signature Bacon Caramel Corn “made with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and loads of twice-candied Niman Ranch Bacon.”  Then she smothers it in Cordillera Single Origin Colombian Dark Chocolate.  I know, at first I didn’t get it either.  It sounded like too much going on, but trust me…the result is wonderfully salty-sweet plus a slight bitterness from the chocolate.  Let’s just say it completely ruined my dinner – one of the perks of adulthood.


Gina honed her pastry skills in some of Portland’s best kitchens, Noble Rot, Park Kitchen & Wildwood to name a few, from 2003 to 2009 before heading for the sunshine of the Bay Area.  After 2 years of pulling double duty as executive pastry chef for sister restaurants B44 & Barlata, she started her own pastry consulting company, Pavé Consulting based in Oakland.  After developing a bacon caramel corn recipe for a private event of an early Facebook shareholder, she decided to take this little piggy to market.

“Oakland’s Ice Cream would definitely be salty~sweet. You know, like how one minute someone’s got their hazard lights on, parked in the middle of Grand Avenue to pick up their kid at school & giving other drivers the bird & the next minute, a total stranger in the car ahead of you pays your bridge toll.  Soooo, I’m thinking Malted Sour Cream Ice Cream w/ Dark Chocolate & Candied Bacon Cookie Dough and Salted Bourbon Caramel.  Cuz let’s face it, Oakland is one helluva mix of tricks.”