Chunky Pig

Break the seal and surrender to The Pig

gina conederaComment

Chunky Pig landed on the
New York Times
 Front Burner,written & curated by food critic Florence Fabricant.  We appreciate the the national recognition and love seeing our name in print--
not to mention the firestorm of orders that followed! 


One of our all-time fave customers, City Beer Store, celebrated their
10 year anniversary on May 21st at the historic
Verdi Club in San Francisco. Chunky Pig was on-site to share in the revelry and of course, sling that Candied Bacon Caramel Corn.
Prost to longevity & craft beer! 


Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!  
Post Western Conference Finals, Chunky Pig was tapped by the Warriors organization to provide VIP swag for Game One.  It was our quickest custom turn-around to date and well worth the effort--
the Warriors took the W at home! 
They say Strength in Numbers.  We say Strength in Swine.