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Driving Over Rats & A Father's Day Gift

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My father has a love/hate relationship with rats.  Or, more accurately, he loves to hate them and lays awake at night plotting their deaths.  I’m using plurals here because Pops believes that seeing a single vermin is simply the tip of the iceberg and he is surrounded by them at all times.  You may be asking, “Why is her Dad around so many rats, is he an exterminator?”.  No, he’s not.  He was, however, composting in our backyard since the 70’s before every hipster on the West Coast had a little green bucket sitting on the counter.  In short, Pops nurtures this pile of rotting food only to be enraged that it would attract unwanted scavengers. 

And the fury runs deep--like, unnaturally deep.  A few years back, Pops is at the wheel & my brother and I are in the back seat, when he sees the enemy scurry from the bottom of the compost bin and into our alley.  He guns it out of our carport hot on the trail.  Sam and I are wondering what the hell he’s doing (not an uncommon question in the Conedera household) and we realize that he is trying to run the bugger over with his car.  For real.  We’re sliding around as Pops swerves “to anticipate the b*@$%#d’s next move” and we’re egging him on to keep trying, mostly so we can keep laughing. 

Watching my dad work himself into a lather and hearing the expletives spew from his mouth will never get old, even as I do (case & point, this story is set in my mid-twenties).  But for all his ridiculousness and failed attempts to eliminate rodents, Pops has instilled a characteristic in me that is buried deep in this story. Tenacity. And anecdotes aside (I’m literally tearing up, don’t tell!), this is my most cherished piece of who I am. He taught me that hearing “no” is never a reason to stop trying, when I hit a wall, look for a window and that I can talk myself in or out of any situation. He also thinks everything I do is, literally, the best. Reality need not apply for a position in a father’s image of his daughter and sometimes I like to escape and see myself through his eyes. It’s a real confidence booster. And this time every year, I, along with every other kid, take a day to celebrate the man that's always in my corner.

So, for all the dads who have suffered through all your worst Father's Day gifts like those childhood handprint ashtrays (for non-smokers?)--behold!  We give you the PapaLove Candied Bacon Survival Kit!  Here's your chance to give the man who gave you life what he really wants...BACON 3 WAYS

PapaLove includes two bags of his fave variety of Candied Bacon Caramel Corn, our gold-wrapped Candied Bacon Chocolate Tile & a Handled Mason Pint filled to the brim with Pop's Pub Mix.  Pop's Pub Mix is a mouthwatering combination of Peanut Butter Pretzels, Dry Roasted Peanuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Rye Pretzels & Jalepeño Chips coated with our Candied Bacon Caramel (with extra bacon!) and is exclusive to this kit.

All you have to do is pour the beer...

  PapaLove Candied Bacon Survival Kit

PapaLove Candied Bacon Survival Kit

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