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One of the perks of being The Boss is that I can kind of do whatever I want.  And this year I wanted to wrangle some of my favorite small-batch manufacturers from around The Bay for my fave meal...breakfast!

We introduced our Candied Bacon Granola back in the fall and through some thought & (mostly) sampling with Due Torri Coffee & Friend In Cheeses Jam Co., we determined the perfect combo for your A.M. wake up call!

The bright acidity & subtle sweetness of FICJC's Forbidden Fruit Marmalade is the perfect contrast the savory maple flavor of our granola while their Pinot Cherries counter it's crunchy texture.  Due Torri's Mocca Java medium roast delivers a smooth cup with a quick caffeine jolt...truly the driving force that powers The Pig through the day!

Here are just a few of the ways to combine everything into a smattering of deliciousness any time, day or night.

So if you'd like to fill a loved one's mouth with the flavors of Northern California, this is the place 

And here's our gift for you to give it @ 20% off